Sonic Property is the thrilling solo rock project from the mind of founder and composer Jacob Walters.


After hearing rock get more and more formulaic and riskless Sonic Property is pushing the genre forward and into the future with elements of electronic, classical and world music blended in with the traditional themes of a rock band.


Taking inspiration from the energy of such bands as the Prodigy and Metallica mixed in with the songwriting and sing along choruses of Kings of Leon, Sonic Property will give you the thrill and energy in the live show with songs that can be enjoyed and listened to at home.


Throughout Covid, Jacob has taken this opportunity to grow and mature his sound using the idea of a backing track as a full musical force, adding electro symphonic layers to the primary rock themes, generating power not heard before on a live stage.

With a whole pandemic worth of new tunes in his back pocket, Sonic Property is ready to unleash this explosive new sound to the world.

Turn your venue, club or festival into a Sonic Property.

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“He leaps around the stage like a demented rabbit and ... a Salvador Daliesque Guy Fawkes.” Jerry Jane’s HVM


Jacob Walters


Jacob Walters is the creator and solo composer of sonic property.

The multi-instrumentalist started learning guitar at the age of 8 and drums at 11.

From a very young age, he has engaged in many musical projects across many different genres finally combining his love for hard rock, thrash metal and dance music into “Sonic Property”.

“I decided to start writing on my own as I felt I had all the instrumental abilities to make a professional and musically coherent sound by myself. Having worked with producers, during my degree, who would create every element of the track themselves, I was inspired to do the same with actual instruments.

My multi-instrumental abilities free me to have complete creative control.

Being a multi-instrumentalist gives me the freedom to curate my own sound and vision.

Inspired by a variety of different genres I wanted to create a blend of music I would energize me and want to listen and dance to.

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Jacob Walters

Phone: 07455348251

Email: sonic.property19@gmail.com